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Character Synopsis


All alone in the world, wide-eyed Archie’s only inheritance is a resonating 20th century VINYL archive and his beloved, ancestral guitar, a 1959 Les Paul Gold Top. Archie breathes and exists only to play his Rock ‘n’ Roll… he is a lone voice and a lone guitar embracing old-school flamboyance in the 2059 wilderness of mediocre (or worse) manufactured, synthetic and disposable pop-din!

He may appear superficially and confidently exuberant with his long hair and a streetwise veneer fired by his enthusiasm for his music… but scratch the surface to reveal an innocent inexperienced and naïve idealism leaving him ripe for exploitation and ruin. Archie holds in his heart an unshakeable belief that he is destined for Rock ‘n’ Roll greatness as part of a renaissance he can only dream of… and this belief persists in the face of an interminable parade of manufactured pop-puppets and manipulated, heartless talent shows, which is all that remains of music in 2059.

For most of his 21 years, Archie has lived outside the city limits of BIG ROCK and has, therefore, remained thus far unnoticed by the bright lights and incumbents of the Pot O’Gold Hotel. However, as he makes his way into town from obscure suburbia, dreaming away the commute, he inadvertently reveals his spectacular guitar genius to the conflicting forces who would use it to their own evil ends… setting events in motion that will change his life forever!

Doctor Rockwell

Fuelled by utterly focused energy, the wayward genius devotes his idiosyncratic talent to the ultimate fulfillment of his Rock ‘n’ Roll heritage. He wields his precision welding tools with an alchemist’s skill to bring his creation, KRANKENSTEIN, to resounding sonic life. Doctor Rockwell’s noble cause is to oxygenize the dimly flickering flame of classic rock so that it can burst into a flaming beacon, vanquishing the soulless musical wallpaper that has usurped its rightful place in the hearts and souls of those who have forgotten… or are too young to know what has been stolen from them.

Doctor Rockwell goes back to work on something his great-grandfather had made before, but this time makes it much better!


As Doctor Rockwell’s brilliant collaborator, Renfield is the link between his long hours underground in his secret studio-laboratory and the outside world of BIG ROCK city. She is a somewhat unpredictable and contradictory character; although she is devoted to and inspired by the doctor’s cause, her focus can swerve with mercurial swiftness and possibly disastrous consequences for herself and others.

Renfield thirsts for acknowledgment and recognition of her own talents… fortunately for Doctor Rockwell and his secret experiments to protect his cause, Renfield will withstand everything …except, of course, temptation, especially when that temptation appears in the guise of insincere flattery and hollow opportunity from one or other of the manipulative movers and shakers of big rock city.


The proprietor of the infamous Pot O’Gold Hotel in BIG ROCK city, Lady Belladonna Foxglove is a cold-blooded and frozen-hearted beauty, her granite soul enticingly wrapped in irresistible charm and alluring glamour. Some who encounter her believe they can glimpse a vulnerability and tenderness waiting to be awoken, perhaps with a kiss…but they would be very much mistaken as such facets of her nature if they ever existed at all, are now used solely in the service of her over-riding motives… power and money.

Lady Belladonna has an unfailing and finely honed instinctive eye and ear; any as yet unmined vein of truth or talent is grist to her relentless and ruthless mill and ultimately to her insatiable bank account… the dry husks of musicians left over once the music has been extracted will be mercilessly cast aside as dust. If required, Lady Belladonna will make short-term alliances in furtherance of her goals but her own malicious ends are first and last on any agenda. Her sweet siren song has lured many to destruction and now Archie is about to attract her attention with his blistering guitar riffs and brimming potential. Will Archie be the next lamb to Lady Belladonna Foxglove’s merciless musical slaughter?


With a youthful, devoted adherence to the Rock ‘n’ Roll of which she has only the faintest first-hand knowledge, Tequila Wrathchild is a genuine supporter of Doctor Rockwell’s experimental struggles to bring about the resurrection of classic rock. Colourful, idealistic and passionate, Tequila simmers with unrealized promise and prowess as a spectacular female rock singer… for now, however, her only stage is at the Pot O’Gold Hotel, where unbeknownst to her employer Lady Belladonna foxglove she is a fifth columnist in deep cover working behind the smoke and mirrors bar and providing Renfield and Doctor Rockwell with information however and whenever she can.

An instant interest and recognition will ignite between her slender, pretty self and young Archie, should their paths cross… unless of course, the baleful gaze of the hotel’s owner falls upon them and then who knows what fate could befall the unsuspecting and loyal Tequila Wrathchild.


A mesmerising dual personality with a vain and unstable clown-like persona, Psycho-Derek has harvested a bitter crop from his previous criminal career as a media-manipulator and gangster-controller of puppet boybands, which he achieved by means of impenetrable contractual exploitation. As a result, he is now deservedly under lock and key in an isolation cell in BIG ROCK city jail. Here he has spent long hours ruminating confusedly on the ruin of his dreams and schemes, to the extent that he hardly knows if he is alive or dead. Fortunately, or perhaps, unfortunately, his alter-ego that is Sideshow-Erik perpetually lurks and flounces at his left shoulder, urging him onwards and upwards and motivating him to escape his incarceration… tempting him with shining visions of new musical worlds to conquer… in particular the relaunch of the renewed global greatness of his erstwhile boyband, the big rock playboys.

If only the duo of Psycho-Derek and Sideshow-Erik could break out of their prison cell and reinstate themselves and the BIG ROCK playboys onto the musical launchpad of the Pot O’Gold Hotel… and to achieve this who knows what unspeakable alliances Psycho-Derek could form…with Sideshow-Erik ever present to whisper machinations and sarcastic disapproval into his left ear…


The towering, awe-inspiring and heroic embodiment of all that was greatest in classic Rock ‘n’ Roll, KRANKENSTEIN is Doctor Rockwell’s adrenaline-fuelled translation of genuine humanity into living, breathing, heart-pounding Rock ‘n’ Roll. A reincarnation of the golden era long past but with a renewed energy and truth, KRANKENSTEIN alone has the power derived from Doctor Rockwell’s blueprint to sweep aside the boyband usurpers and corporate music circus so that classic rock can once again reign supreme.

At the head of a band playing resounding, gutsy and pulsating Rock ‘n’ Roll, KRANKENSTEIN’s vocal excitement, spectacle, and attitude will rise in a crescendo of thrilling riffs and chords to see rock music reborn and once again unassailable… but if KRANKENSTEIN falters and falls then the life’s work of Doctor Rockwell and his collaborators will be crushed and vanquished. Rock ‘n’ Roll will be dead, buried and silenced for all eternity.